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Should You Hire Pro Auckland Carpet Cleaning Services?

Should You Hire Pro Auckland Carpet Cleaning Services? If you go into many supermarkets or DIY stores, you can easily find a carpet cleaner to hire. Their marketing says it is easy to clean your carpets and less cost than hiring any Auckland carpet cleaning services. You might be tempted, especially if you are someone that likes to regularly clean your carpets. But is it a good saving overall to rent a carpet cleaning machine, or will you be better off hiring a professional Auckland carpet cleaning service? Some of the top reasons to hire...

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Auckland Upholstery Cleaners

Benefits of Hiring Professional Auckland Upholstery Cleaners Hiring Professional Auckland Upholstery Cleaners To Clean Your Upholstery Dirty or marked upholstery can ruin the look of your furniture, detracting from its appearance, making it look old and worn out, and presenting your home in a poor way. Besides, good furniture is expensive, so you want it to look as good as possible for as long as possible. However, cleaning marked upholstery can be a difficult task. When upholstery fabric gets dirty, the stains are often deeply embedded in the...

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Do You Need Carpet Cleaning Services Auckland?

Do You Need Carpet Cleaning Services Auckland? Reasons Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Is Better People are increasingly aware of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, but few are completely aware of the benefits that it comes with. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons eco-friendly carpet cleaning is so much better than the traditional carpet cleaning alternatives. Less Toxicity. One of the major benefits of getting your carpets cleaned professionally using environmental-friendly solutions is avoiding the use of toxic...

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Removing Some Common Carpet Stains

Removing Some Common Carpet Stains With so many cleaning products on the market it is easy to imagine that getting rid of common carpet stains and keeping your carpets clean is a difficult task. And depending on the make-up of your family, you might very well see dirty carpets every day. If you have young children, pets, a partner who works in a dirty environment; all of these can add to the daily dirt on your carpet. These surface particles like dirt, dried mud, pet hairs are relatively easy to clean with a decent vacuum...

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Carpet Cleaning Tips By An Auckland Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning Tips By An Auckland Carpet Cleaner

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips And Secrets

Your home might be clean on the surface - washed counter-tops, window ledges all dusted, the bathroom all sparkly. And you probably vacuum your floors regularly, so they look free of dirt and big particles. However, your carpet will often have spills, drops, accidents and all sorts of small particles you drag in with your shoes. Those marks can be unsightly and mar the overall clean look of your home. So how do you get rid of those unwanted carpet marks and stains? Here are some of the top carpet cleaning tricks and secrets.

Blotting Stains

Auckland Carpet CleaningDon’t rub any stains on your carpet. Rather, you should blot them. Use a cleaning solution and a clean cloth for the best results. You can apply a small amount of pressure on the stain when blotting to soak it up. Note that, when you rub the stain, the particles will be ground into the carpet fibres and might eventually cause premature breakdown. Blot inwards and not outwards to avoid spreading the stain.

Always Use Club Soda

Club soda is a great agent for cleaning wine and beer stains on your carpet. However, you need to use it correctly for the best results. Put some club soda on a cloth and blot the area. However, if that doesn’t work, you can mix white vinegar with water and spray it on the area. Let it sit there for 15 minutes then use a clean sponge to soak up the solution as well as the stain.

Don’t forget to rinse the spot with warm water. Using your hand, you can brush the carpet strands and make sure they follow their natural direction. Finally, place some paper towels on the area and use a heavy item to weight them down. They will absorb the dampness in the carpet and make sure it’s completely dry.

Shaving Cream

Ordinary shaving cream is also a great way to clean the stains on your carpet. It can be used to remove any type of stain on your carpet. Apply the shaving cream to the stained area and let it stay for about 30 minutes. Use a dry white cloth to blot the area. Finally, you should spray the area with a mixture of white vinegar and water then use a cloth to wipe it away.

Freeze-Dried Gum

If you stepped on chewing gum on the street and don’t realise it until it’s stuck on your carpet, you will want to know how to clean it properly. To get it out with minimum damage to your carpet, you should grab a few ice cubes from your freezer. Use them to freeze the gum. Once it’s solid and completely frozen, use a spoon to remove the lump of chewing gum and cut the strands of carpet that were close to the gum. If you only have to cut a small part of the carpet, the remaining spot shouldn’t be noticeable.

Clear Grease Using Dishwasher Detergent

Are there any hard-to-clean grease stains on your carpet? The best way to remove them is by using dishwashing detergent. It will remove the grease on your carpet just like it does to your dishes. You can spray the detergent using a spray bottle but make sure it is mixed with a little water for the best results. After spraying, you should blot your carpet and if it’s a large stain, you might need to repeat this process a few times.

Removing Wax Using Heat

If you light any candles in your house, it is common for some of the wax to drip onto the carpet. If you let it dry, it will be embedded into the carpet fibres. The best way to remove wax from your carpet is by heating it up but not with a flame. To heat the wax, place a white cloth over the wax and turn on your iron. Pass the iron over the white cloth until the wax has melted then scrape it off using a butter knife.

Also, you can place a paper towel on the carpet and iron it. The melting wax will bind to the paper towel and it will be completely gone because of the heat. You shouldn’t use the iron for more than 30 seconds to avoid burning the carpet. Make sure you use only white paper towels and cloths because the coloured options might transfer the colour into the carpet.

In conclusion, you don’t have to throw away your carpet if you come across a stain. Always remember to blot away as much of it as possible. However, if there is a persistent stain that you can’t remove, it’s best to hire professional carpet cleaners for the best results.

If You Don’t Feel Confidant Cleaning Your Carpet

Let’s be honest. A carpet is an expensive item in your house. Many people simply do not feel confident about using cleaning agents on their carpets. In that case, your best option is to hire a carpet cleaning company to come and help you out.

We have years of experience as an Auckland carpet cleaning service, and have removed all sorts of stains, marks, dirt patches, and more. If you have stubborn marks on your carpet, give us a call on 0800 398722 or email us at [email protected].

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Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service Hiring A Professional Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service One of the best ways of keeping up the appearance of your is hiring an Auckland professional carpet cleaning service. This not only ensures your carpets look good, but that they are also properly clean, free from harmful germs and dirt. Even though vacuum cleaning regularly does get rid of dirt and dust in your home, there will still be some that remain stuck in the carpet’s fibres., plus germs and the like especially if you have...

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How To Choose The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

How To Choose The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Carpets are one of the most expensive items in a house so if yours are dirty or are looking a bit worse for wear, then you need to find a good professional carpet cleaning service. A professional carpet cleaner can usually bring your carpets back to a bright, clean finish, looking like new. Of course, if the actual carpet has worn out then, even good carpet cleaning may not be able to help, but for general dirt, grime, and even tough stains, a reliable carpet cleaner can work wonders on your...

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