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Auckland Carpet Cleaners For Covid-19 Essential Businesses

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Auckland Carpet Cleaners For Essential Businesses During Covid-19 Lockdown

Do Not Wait!

Spillages on carpets in Covid-19 Lockdown in Essential Services, need attending too as soon as possible.

In the Covid-19 lockdown, only essential businesses in Auckland are allowed to be open. Carpet cleaning, in general, isn’t classified as an essential business but we are still allowed to clean carpets in essential businesses. In fact, the need for Auckland carpet cleaners for essential businesses is greater than ever as organisations, medical centres, hospitals, delivery services etc, must have scrupulously clean carpeted areas. Any spills must be cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible.

Establishments Where We Can Clean Carpets In Auckland

We can clean carpets in a wide range of different establishments. These are mainly in the healthcare arena but there are others too. For example, we can clean carpets in:

  • Hospitals
  • Aged-care facilities
  • Retirement villages
  • Medical centres
  • Food distribution centres

We cannot come out to clean carpets in aged-care reception areas or offices in any of those types of operation. It is purely in areas where a potential infection may occur.

What Spills And Dirt Can We Clean?

General cleaning of the carpets in your office or reception is not an essential service. Even if you are a medical centre, hospital or aged-care facility, these areas are not classified as essential. We are able to help if the specific area will be in contact with vulnerable people like the aged, those with illnesses, or care workers.

The types of cleaning we can do for example are spillages of:-

  • Blood
  • Bodily fluids
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Urine
  • Vomit

General dirt or stains on your carpets are not included in the essential carpet cleaning services.

Why Carpet Cleaning in Covid-19 Lockdown?

The key to overcoming Covid-19 is preventing the spread of the virus. Our part in this as carpet cleaners in the Auckland area, is to help you keep your carpets as clean as possible in the functioning areas of your operation.

Carpets cleaned to industrial standards as soon as possible, can help prevent the transfer of contaminants and other harmful substances. The two keys are:-

  1. Industrial grade carpet cleaning
  2. Carpet cleaning as soon as possible.

If you have any spillage on your carpets and you are an essential service or essential business, call us at once. We can help.

We are still able to help with water damage or flood restoration if you have a pipe burst or washing machine overflows etc.



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