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Hiring An Auckland Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaner

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Why It’s Best To Hire An Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaner

Do you need a carpet cleaner? This article explores that question, and the reasons why an eco-friendly Auckland carpet cleaner might be better than regular ones.

Why hire a carpet cleaner? Well, there are many reasons. But in the end, it all comes down to one thing – your health!

One of the easiest and most effective things that anyone can do for their health is to hire an eco-friendly carpet cleaning service. The best part? Eco-friendly cleaners are not only good for your health – they’re also kinder to the environment!

Eco Cleaning Is Good For Your Carpets

People often take their carpets for granted. A regular clean with the vacuum cleaner gets up visible dirt and other particles. It must be clean now right? Definitely not!

The surface of a dirty carpet may be clean, but there are many unseen dangers in a recently cleaned one. Just because the surface dirt and debris have been removed by your trusty vacuum cleaner, that doesn’t mean it is clean. The hidden elements of dirt can cause serious problems for carpets – including structural damage – over time.  This leads to premature degrading or even breakdown of expensive carpeting.

Over time, a carpet that is only vacuumed will turn dingy, feel gross and also start to collect bacteria. To avoid these problems, it’s best to have a professional cleaning service clean the carpets on your flooring regularly so they don’t end up wearing down at an accelerated rate as well!

Hidden Health Dangers

Germs, dust mites and bacteria can be held in the sub-surface layers of the carpet protecting them from any cleaning agent. They can stay in the carpet for a long time increasing the risks of allergies and asthma among those living or working on them all day long.

For this reason alone, it is a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Eco Carpet Cleaner Compared To A Regular One

“Don’t breathe in harsh chemicals or you’ll get sick,” warned the doctor, “but what about your children and pets?” Harsh fumes from cleaning products can lead to an array of health problems including fatigue, nausea, nerve damage and dizziness.

Harsh chemicals and agents can certainly get the job done when it comes to cleaning and improving an old carpet, but they are hard to remove properly. As they linger, so do their potentially hazardous effects on your household. This is a problem not considered by most families and one that still poses risks for those who attempt these home remedies without proper knowledge first-hand of what could happen in the process.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services have a number of benefits. For one thing, the scents are all natural and non-toxic; customers can enjoy breathing fresh air in their living spaces instead of being subjected to unnatural chemicals.

Another perk is that eco-friendly solutions do not leave behind sticky residue like regular carpet cleaning products. These residues can be dangerous for children with allergies which they can come into contact with when playing on the floor.

What’s The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution For Your Home?

Are you better off engaging a professional carpet cleaning service or doing a DIY job hiring a cleaning machine?

Some people might want to use the Kiwi DIY approach. This means:-

  • Booking a machine at the local Rug Doctor hire place.
  • You then need to collect it.
  • Go home.
  • Work out how to use the machine.
  • Run the risk of not doing it properly.
  • Dry the carpet properly hoping you don’t end up with mould.
  • Repeat for other rooms.
  • Hope you finish in time to take it back before they close.
  • Take it back.

Alternatively, you can search online for an “eco-friendly Auckland carpet cleaner”. They will come to your home, do the work, know how to do it properly, dry the carpet so mould doesn’t develop, and not have a deadline to get the machine back.

The World Around You

The world is a beautiful place but as we know, it is under threat on many fronts. With careful thought and management, you can make a difference by the type of businesses you hire. An eco-friendly carpet cleaning company is one such service. They will use less water, have cleaning agents that do not damage the water system, will not harm your air or have allergenic problems.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners in Auckland: A Sensible Choice for the Whole House

Let’s be honest. After a long day, it feels good to come home and kick off your shoes on carpet that smells like fresh lemons or lavender rather than chemicals! Eco-friendly ammonia-free cleaning solutions are safer around children and pets since they don’t leave behind any residue as part of their cleaning process.  You can relax knowing nothing has been left behind but clean carpets when the job is done.

For an Auckland eco-friendly carpet cleaning service, we can help.

As one of the first environmentally aware carpet cleaning companies, we have years of experience in the sector. Please call us, Go Green Carpet Cleaning, on 0800-398722.


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