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Carpet Cleaners Auckland

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

If you want to retain the softness and colour of your carpets for years, it is essential to have them cleaned regularly. Over time, they accumulate dirt, food particles, drink and coffee stains, and pet fur, which makes them look tired, drab and even ugly. Vacuum cleaning can remove some particles and debris but not thoroughly and vacuuming certainly doesn’t get rid of any stains. Carpet cleaning companies use advanced cleaning solutions to clean these stains and make your carpets look like new as well as high-end carpet cleaning machines to give a thorough cleaning.

Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning companies usually follow one of two cleaning methods: wet (sometimes called steam), and dry cleaning.

Wet carpet cleaning or Hot Water Extraction, (HWE), is the more popular of the two methods. It involves mixing carpet-cleaning solutions with hot water. This mixture is then pumped into the fibres of your carpet which loosens the dirt and other particles within the carpet material. The hot water and the dirt are extracted either simultaneously or by making a second pass over the carpet with the machine.

When the technician finishes cleaning the carpet, they will usually have a form of drying machine and then will vacuum up all the loose dirt and debris that’s sitting on the carpet. This cleans the carpet thoroughly, making it soft and brings back its original colour. For longer-lasting carpets, they should ideally, be cleaned with this method at least once a year

This method is not recommended for all carpet types as it can damage the fibres of some materials especially man-made fibres.

Dry cleaning or very low moisture (VLM) is a quicker process but is more expensive. This system involves the use of dry chemicals which are sprayed on the carpet. These chemicals, which can be harsh, settle down on the fabric and break-down the debris and stains. The cleaner will then vacuum clean the carpet after a few minutes.

Which Cleaning Method Is Right For Your Carpets?

You may have questions about which method is better and the more cost-efficient. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Wet cleaning, for example, provides a thorough carpet cleaning job however, it does take longer before you can use them due to the drying time. This method is less expensive than dry cleaning but it does take longer. It also retains the softness and colour of your carpet.

Dry cleaning is more expensive due to the chemicals that are used but it does take less time. It doesn’t give as good a finish as the HWE method.  It is best for places where you need to have the carpets in use quickly like offices and hotel rooms.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Most carpet cleaners that you can hire use the Hot Water Extraction method. However, those machines are not as powerful as the carpet cleaning machines the professionals use. The carpet finish will not be as high quality and it will also take longer to dry than an industrial carpet cleaning machine. This means you need to be prepared to give up the use of your room for up to 24 hours.

Cost Of Carpet Cleaning

Different companies charge differently for carpet cleaning. But they follow a basic rule while determining the cleaning costs. First, they consider the size and quality of the carpets. Secondly, they want to know whether you want dry cleaning or wet cleaning. As already mentioned, dry cleaning is more expensive than wet cleaning but does takes less time. You can expect to get a quotation according to the square metreage of your carpet.

In Summary

While it might be tempting to hire a carpet cleaning machine to save the cost of labour, that is a short-sighted approach.

The professional carpet cleaner will give you a much better end-result. They will also have the job finished in much less time so you can use your room again.

If you have any carpets you want cleaned, call 0800 398722 for a quote.

Carpet cleaners Auckland


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