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Flood Restoration – 7 Tips for Cleaning Water Damaged Carpets

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If you are unfortunate enough to have carpet flooded with water, you will naturally want to dry and clean the carpet as fast as possible. Your main thought is likely to be the cost of the damage to the flooded carpet. Unfortunately, it is not possible to save some water damaged carpets. To save your water damaged carpet, clean and dry it immediately after water damage. However, there is a bigger reason to hire an Auckland flood restoration company. Water damaged carpets can pose a major health risk to you and your family. How? The moisture in water damaged carpets encourages the growth of mould, and bacteria which in turn can cause respiratory problems for your family.

If you have suffered localised flooding on your carpet, for example, from a washing machine, then you can usually find a good carpet cleaner to come and restore the carpets after the flooding.  However, if it is a widespread flood due to a storm for example, then you might have to wait a few days before a flood restoration cleaner can get to you.  In that case, here are a few of the best tips for cleaning water damaged carpets.

1. Remove Water Immediately

Remove as much water as you can from your flooded carpet. Removing water quickly can help prevent further damage to your carpet. More importantly, it prevents mould developing. A wet-dry vacuum is good for removing excess moisture from a water damaged carpet. 

Auckland flood restoration cleaner
Auckland flood restoration cleaners

2. Clean Your Carpet

After successfully removing water from your carpet, take the time to clean it. Not only does this remove the obvious dirt particles but cleaning the carpet helps to remove germs and contaminants from the fibres. While you are waiting for a professional to become available, as a temporary measure, you can rent a machine. Then, apply the anti-microbial cleaner after cleaning your carpet to prevent mould growth.

3. Treat Your Carpet

Use a cleaning solution to treat your carpet this can help remove the damp smell. Mix a simple solution of 2 cups of warm water and one cup of white vinegar. Put the solution in a spray bottle. Then, spray the solution onto the areas that smell. To avoid triggering mould growth, do not oversaturate your carpet with the solution. Do not rub it dry. Use a cloth or paper towel to blot it, but definitely do not rub as this can damage the fibres and leave threadbare patches.

4. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is another agent to help absorb odours. It is also safe to use around children and pets. Therefore, pour baking soda on the most affected areas that smell. Leave the baking soda on your carpet overnight to absorbs remaining odours and moisture.

5. Dry Your Carpet

Do not leave your carpet wet for a long time. It is important to clean the carpet and dry it as soon as possible. Drying it quickly makes it easy to save the carpet from further damage to the fibres and colours. You should dry your carpet within 48 hours using a wet-vac machine, rental carpet cleaning machine or a vacuum with sufficient suction to dry your carpet. Again, do not rub dry as this will rip out fibres from the carpet.

6. Keep Off The Carpets

When cleaning and drying water damaged carpets, do not let anything come in contact with them. If you have not removed the carpet from the floor, remove all the furniture. Why? Water in the flooded carpets may damage your furniture. Do not walk across your carpets. Walking on water damaged carpets may affect carpet fibres.

7.  Hire An Auckland Flood Restoration Cleaner

Lastly, hire a professional flood restoration company as soon as possible. Even using the tips above, these are only stop-gap steps for carpets heavily water damaged. These steps can alleviate the initial effects but for a thorough clean, dry and removal of mould and bacteria, you will need the more powerful professional carpet cleaning machines and the skills of a water damage restoration cleaner. You may save your carpet by hiring the right professional cleaning service.

If you have any water damage to your carpets and need a flood restoration service, please give Go Green Carpet Cleaning a call on 0800-398722. We are eco-friendly carpet cleaners with years of experience dealing with water damaged carpets and Auckland flood restoration work.


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