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7 Reasons to Try A New Orewa Carpet Cleaning Company

Keeping a carpet thoroughly clean is difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have a busy work or family life. A weekly clean with a domestic vacuum cleaner can help with the day-to-day dirt but that doesn’t remove the deeper and in-grained dirt.  Neither does it remove dust mites and other particles which can cause health issues from allergies to respiratory problems.

If you have stains or spillages on your carpet, you might be tempted to hire a cleaning machine. These can do a reasonable job of cleaning your carpet but they do not do a complete job.

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For a thorough clean of your carpets you need to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to get the best results.

Here are seven good reasons to try a new carpet cleaning company.

1. Peace of Mind

If you or your children have any allergy or respiration problems, then for peace of mind, you need to keep your carpets properly clean all the time. A good carpet cleaning company will help.  First, they will use a powerful vacuum cleaner to get out deeply ingrained dirt and dust.  Next, they will use an industrial-grade carpet cleaning machine, more powerful than a regular domestic cleaner.  They will also use the best cleaning agents to properly clean carpets and rugs.

2. Clean Stubborn Stains

A carpet is expensive but accidents do happen. Spilled red wine, children’s juices or even curry, will stain your carpet, no question.  Domestic stain removers and other remedial actions can help but can leave residual outlines of the stain. Another problem when people try to remove stains is that they usually use the wrong cleaning method and cause permanent damage to the fibre of the carpet. This will expose the backing of the carpet leaving an unsightly hole in the carpet surface. Professional know-how and using the right cleaning materials will remove the staining from your carpet rather than causing damage to it.

3. Free Time

You may spend most of your day working in your job, so you may not want to spend your free time cleaning your carpets. Hiring a carpet cleaning company will give you more free time. They will also be able to do the job faster than an amateur. They do it day in, day out so know the ins and outs of doing a good job quickly.

4. Improves Health in Your Home

A dirty carpet is not just the visible dust and scraps but will usually hold allergens, dust mites, and other particulates. This can make it difficult for someone with allergies to be inside your house. Also, if you fail to clean and dry your carpets properly, mould might develop in your carpets. Mould is another health hazard. A carpet cleaning company ensures your carpets are properly cleaned and dried reducing potential health risks to you and your family.

5. Extends the Lifespan of Your Carpet

Carpets, or certain regions of your carpets, get a lot of usage.  Foot-traffic usually follows certain consistent routes. This flattens your carpet in those spaces, but the ingrained dirt and particles can damage the carpet fibre This will reduce the life of your expensive carpeting. Professional carpet cleaning companies can extend the lifespan of carpets with a complete cleaning process. They will remove the deeply embedded dirt and grit, and using with the right cleaning agents and raise the flattened carpet fibre to make your carpet look great.

6. Latest And Appropriate Cleaning Equipment

The latest and appropriate carpet cleaning equipment are just right for cleaning your carpets. They do not damage the fibres of the carpets and will have the right cleaning pressure and techniques. However, the carpet cleaning equipment is costly, so for the occasional use you will have, it becomes an expensive investment. Of course, even having the latest machines is no good if you do not know how to use them correctly. Luckily, you can still find an affordable Orewa carpet cleaning company that uses the latest cleaning equipment to clean carpets.

7. Eliminate Odours

Carpet odours can have a number of causes ranging from pets, food and even poorly dried carpets. Wet carpets can lead to mould growth or just smell damp. It is hard to get rid of the smell coming from the carpets, especially if you do not have the right tools and cleaning detergents. A carpet cleaning company will have the right tools and cleaning materials that can eliminate those smells from your carpets.

Summing Up – New Orewa Carpet Cleaning Company

If you have an older carpet which is flattened by use, has dimmed colours, stains, odours or family members with allergy or respiratory problems, then you need to have a thorough carpet clean.

A professional carpet cleaning company will make your carpet look like new, and remove allergen particles from your carpeting.

However, you must hire the right carpet cleaning company.  Look for a good carpet cleaning company has several years of experience, has a good reputation, and suits your budget.

We are new to the Orewa and Hibiscus Coast area but have been successfully operating all over the North Shore and West Auckland for many years. Not only that, but we only use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents so you can be assured you are causing minimal damage to the water system, and your own domestic eco-system.

Call us on 0800 398722 for an estimate to clean your carpets.


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