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Tips For How To Choose A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company In Auckland

Having the carpeting in your home professionally cleaned can make it look like new again, removing unwanted odours and brightening up the space. Try using the following tips to choose a professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland that can do the job right the first time:

Methods for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Decide how you want your carpets cleaned. There are several different methods that can be used to deep-clean carpeting. The most common method is steam cleaning. This technique involves spraying hot water and detergent down into the carpeting where it can break up dirt and grime. A heavy-duty vacuum then sucks the water back up out of the carpet, bringing the dirt along with it.

Dry carpet cleaning, on the other hand, uses a dry powder that is worked down into the carpet. This powder dissolves stains and attracts dirt, helping to remove unwanted contaminants from the carpeting. After it has a chance to do its work, it is then vacuumed up, leaving the carpet fresh and clean.

The final method is foam cleaning. This method is almost identical to dry carpet cleaning except that instead of using a dry powder, the company will use a spray-on foam. There are pros and cons to each type of carpet cleaning. It is worth learning more about each method so that you can decide which one is the best.

Research Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies In Auckland

Do some research on professional carpet cleaning companies in Auckland. Do a quick search for a “professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland” using a search engine. Click on each of the companies to find out more about the methods that they use. If any of them catch your eye, try to find reviews from other customers who have hired them in the past. Reading reviews can be beneficial since it gives you a better idea of whether the company really delivers on their promises.

Fair Pricing for Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland

The Go Green Carpet Cleaning Difference

It makes sense to get more than one price quote for the job. Calling around to get quotes can be quite beneficial. Although the base rate charged by most companies is usually in the same ballpark, you never know when a company might be running a special that could wind up saving you a lot of money. For instance, companies will sometimes have specials where they throw in an extra room for free or where they may reduce their prices if you use their services for more than one room. Taking advantage of these specials can be a good way to get more bang for your buck.


Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

It seems almost every day we hear about more pollution in our rivers and waterways. While there are debates about the causes, it makes sense to reduce your own household’s effect on our waterways and waste water. That is why we only use environmentally-friendly green cleaning products. Not only does the dirty water from the carpet cleaning cause less damage to the environment through the waste water. The cleaning agents are also kinder to your carpet. They are less abrasive and therefore cause less damage to the carpet fibres.

Our green carpet cleaning products are though, extremely effective for not only general carpet cleaning but also for spot cleaning and removing stains in your carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

These tips on how to choose a professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland should help you find a company that you can trust to do the job right. It is important to know that your carpeting is being cared for by people who really know what they are doing, and using cleaning agents that do not harm your carpets but are also kind on our waterways. Any mistakes during the cleaning process could wind up damaging your carpet.

At Go Green Carpet Cleaning, we have a great reputation among our loyal, and many repeat customers. You can see some of their testimonials here. If you have any dirty carpets, or a stain you want to remove, call us on 0800 398722 for a quotation.


Posted on July 12, 2017

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