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Rug Cleaning Service – Bring Life Back Into Your Rugs…

Whether your rug is a precious handmade woolen rug, an Oriental, an acrylic or a modern shag pile. We have rug cleaning procedures, stain treatments and Scotch-guard protection to delicately care for and clean each individual rug. Our technician can advise you what the most effective and safe cleaning method would be for your rug.


Your rugs will come up looking fabulous, will dry quickly and look stunning. Your shag pile rug, delicate or precious rugs are cleaned meticulously by hand – firstly to get all the dirt out from the base of the pile and then washed carefully.


When you book your rug in for a clean, please tell us if the rug has been cleaned before and if there are any care instructions written on it that we should be aware of.

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