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Upholstery Cleaning – Give Your Furniture A Fresh New Look…

Furniture upholstery can be subject to a lot of wear and tear, especially if you have pets or small children. Having upholstery cleaning regularly will help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of premature furniture replacement or repair. Having clean upholstery makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your home.

Wear and tear will alter your upholstered furniture’s’ condition and life span. Skin particles, body oils and dust mites, which are both dangerous to your health and spoil your upholstery, are things that upholstery endures daily.  The skin cells we constantly shed fall into furniture and are a dust mite’s favourite food. These microscopic creatures aren’t a problem in themselves; it’s their droppings that are the second largest cause of allergies. The trouble is vacuuming with a regular domestic canister vacuum isn’t enough to remove them from deep within your furniture.


Our upholstery cleaning technicians are fully trained cleaners and will inspect your upholstery on arrival as every piece of furniture is different in fabric, componentry makeup and assembly. Aside from sofas, arm chairs, couches, dining chairs, office chairs and cushions, we can also help you clean your boat, car, bus, caravan, and all types of commercial upholstery.


To clean upholstery, we use specialised upholstery cleaning head tools. Hot water is sprayed deep into the fabric, forcing in our eco-friendly cleaning formula. Instantaneously, powerful suction draws out the dust mites, dust, skin cells, hair, dirt and grime, together with the cleaning formula and hot water.  Typically, you can expect it to be dry again in around 4 hours. To speed up the drying time place the furniture somewhere with good airflow, or in the sun where it could be dry within a couple of hours.


Upholstery cleaning cervices we offer:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Scotch Guard
  • Deodorising
  • Spot and Stain removal
  • Pet odour treatment


Through general living, spots and stains sometimes happen, and can be the catalyst that inspires you to get the upholstery cleaned in the first place. The main types of stains that we remove are: spillage of drinks be it tea, coffee, wine, cordial, chocolate and milk to name a few. Often, many stains come out with our normal cleaning process. However some stains need specialist treatment due to the nature of the stain and age of the stain. Our technicians will assist you with this.

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