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Which Is Better – DIY Or Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

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A good carpet can provide colour and expression in a room but it can also protect the flooring itself. However, carpets can become dirty in spite of regular vacuum cleaning. They hold dirt, small debris and pet dander if you own pets. A grubby carpet can easily become an eyesore in your home.

Worse, if you are allergic to dust and the allergens found in pet dander, the dirt in your carpets can lead to a frequent flare up of health issues such as asthma. Again, these are left deep in the fibres of your carpet even after a good clean with an average domestic vacuum cleaner.

The only way to avoid health complications and maintain the appearance of your home is to ensure that your carpets are regularly cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine.

With carpet cleaning, there are two options. You can either go the DIY-route by hiring a cleaning machine from a supermarket or hire a local North Shore carpet cleaning company. In this article, we will look at the best carpet cleaning options to use and who is best placed to do it.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

1.            Type Of Carpet

The different types of carpet need different cleaning methods and techniques. If the wrong method is used, it can cause colour wash-out or damage the fibres of the carpet. Some types of carpet require particular care or specific cleaning materials. If you are unsure about the type of carpet and the appropriate, or better still, the inappropriate cleaning methods. It is better to call a professional carpet cleaning company.

2.            The Type Of Cleaning Required

If your carpet does not require a deep cleanse, you can try DIY cleaning methods at home. However, if you do need to a deep, penetrative clean, like wool carpets for example, it is best that you pass the job to trained and experienced carpet cleaners.

3.            The Size of Carpet To Be Cleaned

Carpet cleaning can be a time consuming and arduous task. If you have stains as opposed to dirt, the job can be even more difficult. You will also need to be certain that removing stains does not damage the fibre. Rubbing at a stain, as most people would, will cause damage. In addition, a carpet needs time to dry properly so that mould doesn’t develop. For a smaller carpet, you might be able to clean and dry a carpet yourself. However, for bigger carpets, cleaning can be hard enough, but the drying process is very difficult with DIY hire machines.  For bigger areas, leave the work to professionals.

When Should You Attempt DIY Carpet Cleaning?

A carpet can be the most expensive item in your home. Therefore, it is recommended that you only attempt personal carpet cleaning if:-

•             You have the read the instructions from the carpet maker and they do not advise against it.

•             You are comfortable you can get rid of the stains properly without harming the fibres.

•             You have thoroughly researched materials and methods.

•             You have collected the recommended cleaning supplies.

Even then, you must be absolutely confident that you know how to use the cleaning agents and that you use the correct cleaner. One chemical can have different effects of different carpet types.

Overall, it is safer and potentially less costly, to leave the carpet cleaning job to professionals who have extensive experience with similar jobs.

Some of the benefits of engaging a professional North Shore carpet cleaning company include:-

  1. They save time – If you are not used to cleaning carpets, it will take you time to learn how to do it. You will probably take more time than a carpet cleaning service which means it will be longer before you can put your furniture back into your room and get back to normal.
  • They free up time – If a carpet cleaning company is handling your cleaning tasks, that frees you up to do something more satisfying like playing with your children or going out with your spouse.
  • They have the necessary experience – Removing some types of stains and dirt from your carpet often requires extensive knowledge and skills. It is surprisingly easy to damage your carpet if you use the wrong cleaning agent or the wrong cleaning method. Professional carpet cleaners will have both the knowledge and experience.
  • They have better cleaning equipment – The carpet cleaning machines you can hire don’t have the same cleaning or drying capabilities as professional machines. For a more thorough and faster job, a local carpet cleaning company will be better than the DIY option.
  • They have the right cleaning supplies – Using the wrong cleaning agents can leave your carpet looking threadbare and unattractive. Expert carpet cleaners have training on the best types of cleaning agents for different carpets and the many types of stains they come across. Using the right cleaning materials will not only remove stains but also avoid damage to your expensive carpets.
  • Your carpets are insured against damage – A good professional carpet cleaning company will have comprehensive insurance that means their customers to are indemnified in case of any damage during the cleaning process. Professional North Shore carpet cleaners will take the utmost care to avoid damage but sometimes accidents do happen. In this case, you are covered.  However, if you cause damage to your carpet, you may not have the insurance and if you do, the excess may be too high and you will be left with a carpet repair bill.
  • Less risk, faster and better cleaning.

If you have dirty, dull or stained carpets, give us a call. We are a North Shore carpet cleaning service and we will be able to help you. Call 0800 398722 for a quote.


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